TR Weekly      A weekly update of all things Teller Rifles      May 8, 2024              Our Numbers Keep Growing! Teller Rifles was started in November of 2017 by three of us. When the Teller Rifles’ website went live twenty-seven months ago, 238 people got our emails. Today? 599! In this same period of time 2,894 visitors from 41 countries have found us!  Welcome to the Age of Remote! Have you ever wondered how-in-the-hell some jury or other group arrived at some hair-brained decision or nutcase policy? Well wonder no longer! You can view our May TR Board Meeting. The next Board meeting is scheduled for 11 May at 2:00PM (1400 for you old Jarheads) and will be Zoomed.TR members are welcomed to attend in person. Just let us know, by return email, that you’re coming so we don’t overload the venue. Those who can’t be present can watch by Remote.  TR Weekly Archives! We’ve started archiving TR Weeklies to make it easier for you to find features you wanted to revisit. New to TR? You don’t have to miss out! TR Weekly Archives  Colorado Signs Bill Requiring Credit Card Tracking of Gun and Ammo Purchases Democrat Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has signed legislation that will require credit card companies to track purchases of firearms and ammunition with credit cards, a scheme opposed by Second Amendment activists and organizations as backdoor gun registration. Read More  Who Says Girls Can’t Shoot?   Do You Know Someone Who’d Be a Good Rifle? Forward this to them and tell them to email us and ask to be added to our email list. This’ll make them a member. Tell them not to worry…it doesn’t cost anything to become a Rifle!      Upcoming TR Events and Classes             TR is either heading up these events or is involved: TR Yard Sale – Victor - Memorial Day Weekend Teller County Sheriff’s Open House – 1 June Colorado Firearms Law Class – 8 June TR Yard Sale – Cripple Creek – 15 June Donkey Derby Days – Safety Patrol – 28/29 June National Night Out – 6 August Virtual Shooting Lessons – TBACPR and AED Class - TBA Situational Awareness/Active Shooter Classes – TBA Women’s Self-Defense Classes - TBA Home Defense Workshop – Doors/Cameras – TBA Home Defense Workshop – Windows - TBA Backyard Animal Husbandry - TBA Pistol Intro./CCW – TBA       Watch for future announcements or reply to this email with questions.  New Feature - Refrigerator Art This has been on my refrigerator freezer door since 2011.  I shot this with my pre-64 Model 70 Winchester at the Dinosaur Flats shooting range in September of 2011. I used 150 gr. Factory ammo (.30-06) and that group measures 1 and 1/8th inches, or under 1MOA! The target lasered at 168 yards from my firing position. The best part is I was using factory iron sights and shot standing up, offhand, no sling, and unsupported. Could I do it again? Probably not! That’s why it’s been displayed all these years. Submitted by Charles S. If you have ‘refrigerator art’ you want to share, email it to us.  Rifle Radio Stay Tuned!  Target Shooting Friday Night at Victor Elks? Elks does target practice on every Friday night starting at 600pm. .22LR only and if you don’t have one, contact them for a loaner. Remember, marksmanship is a perishable skill and requires constant practice!  Family Guns Read More  A New Feature – The TR Book Review To Sleep with Wicked Women  Meet Charles and Toby, two young men who wanted a piece of the Vietnam war. While their contemporaries were planning wild trips to Spring Break destinations, they chose to volunteer for Infantry OCS in the U.S. Army. As new officers, they experienced first -hand the rigors of training, the mind-numbing hours of boredom, and engaged in hilarious episodes followed by disciplinary actions.(“What were they going to do, send us to Vietnam?”) There was also combat. They learned to become leaders, trying to keep their men safe, while observing the incompetence and pettiness that occasionally permeated the chain of command. Note: The authors are donating 100% of their royalties to Teller Rifles! To Sleep with Wicked Women                   Opinion    The T R Marketplace is Growing! Got guns, ammo, or other gear you want to sell? Email a description, photos, and price, and we’ll list. Members only, goods only, and all dealings are directly between the buyer and the seller! There is no fee. If you sell it through TR, make a donation! See More  Marketplace – Razor Wire – 50’ Rolls       120 rolls arrived and 46 have been sold. $50 per roll. You may be asking ‘Why do I Need Razor Wire???!!! This video may help answer that question. If a collapse comes it may be next to impossible to get it when you really will need it. Reserve yours by replying to this email.            Razor Wire    Teller Rifles has joined Amazon Rewards Teller Rifles is partnering with Amazon. Visit our website and look for recommendations on items you can purchase on Amazon. When you find an item that you want to purchase click on the link that is with the recommendation, and you will be taken to Amazon. When you purchase using our link, Teller Rifles receives a commission with no additional cost to you. Alternatively, if you plan to purchase an item from Amazon that is not listed in our recommendations, send us the link to the item. We will add that item to our recommendations with a link that will assure that Teller Rifles receives the commission.          GUNNIES Only in Texas! Where Else Can You Buy a Gun and a Doughnut? We've been asked, "What are Gunnies?" Gunnies are funnies that involve guns. Get it?! Some of you have no sense of humor.       If you have cartoons or memes, you think are worthy, send them along.       Keep it clean as befitting a family-oriented organization,  as well as non-political to keep things friendly.             See More              Email us at 

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