Title: Youth Introduction to Firearms Class
Location: Pikes Peak Community Center in Divide, Colorado.
To register, please email Bob Tyler at eagle3tyler@gmail.com.

Children are naturally curious about firearms and without the proper education, they may be tempted to "play" with a firearm they find. Just because kids aren’t asking about gun safety, doesn’t mean they don’t have questions.

This class specifically teaches about gun safety and what children should do if they ever encounter a gun (Stop, Don’t Touch, Run Away, Tell A Grown-up). Students will be taught MAT - MUZZEL control, keeping the ACTION open, TRIGGER control.

Today’s youth are exposed to more and more but unfortunately very few people will talk to them about gun safety or how to properly handle a firearm. Without the proper education and training, many youth may be tempted to "play" with a firearm or not know how to safely use it.

As a parent or guardian, it is vital that you have a conversation with your child about gun safety. Even if you don’t have guns in the home, the conversation is still very important. Today’s youth are constantly exposed to guns - on TV and movies, in video games, maybe at a friend’s house, or in general society.

Many youth want to jump right to the “shooting stage”. That’s why education and responsible guidance are important before they ever encounter a gun.

Youth Intro to Firearms is a three-hour course for both parents/guardians and their children in both the classroom and the indoor range. This class will not only teach proper gun safety for both on and off the range, but also allow the youth to experience “hands-on” instruction in the safe loading and firing of a .22 caliber bolt action rifle and air rifle. They will also be exposed to all types of actions, rifles, shotguns and pistols.
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