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It’s a Small World

I am fairly new to Teller Rifles but, at the Handgun-Intro class, discovered that Charles S. and I have something in common: we were both in the 4th Infantry Division in the central highlands of Viet Nam at the same time.  I arrived in September of 1970 and left in September of 1971.I was in Bravo Co. 2/35th Infantry (Cacti) and Charles was with Charlie Co. 3/8th Infantry (Dragoons).   When the 4th Division stood down to return to the states, I was sent to Charlie Company 54th Infantry (Massachusetts).  This was basically a security company located in Binh Dinh Province.  They had a LRRP team which, after several months, I was selected for.  During my tour I carried the M-16, M-60, and the PRC-25 radio.   I can also see in one of the pictures while I was on the LRRP team I’m carrying the 45.  I can’t remember why I would do that...really just dead weight! We were young once…53 years ago! 

Dale S. - Florissant

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