Teller Rifles Mission: To create local communities within Teller County, Colorado, the state of Colorado and the nation which foster marksmanship and self-defense skills through firearm safety information and hands-on firearm training.

Teller Rifles Motto:  Rights.  Respect.  Rifles.

Rights:  The United States Constitution's Second Amendment guarantees the right to own firearms regardless of the reason or purpose.  Gun owners hunt, target shoot, trap shoot, skeet shoot and engage in firearm competitions.  A growing number of Americans use firearms solely for personal protection and home defense.

Respect:  Teller Rifles (TR) believes in individual responsibility and accountability for choices. Thus, TR focuses on the individual, not the weapon.  TR collaborates with government agencies, non-profit groups, and individuals to create a culture of respect and responsibility related to the ownership and use of firearms.

Rifles:  Teller Rifles hosts a variety of hands-on training programs for firearm marksmanship, gun safety and self-defense skills.  Specific programs include "An Intro to Handguns," "Safety Officer Training," "Advanced Training for Seasoned Gun Owners," "Concealed Carry Certification," "Tactical Awareness Training," adult competitive shooting events, and youth competitive shooting events. TR offers non-shooting training for youth.

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Teller Rifles is not just a shooting club. We are committed to improving the wellbeing and safety of Teller County, the state of Colorado, and the nation. TR's efforts have two overarching goals: first, to provide skills-based training to improve a gun owner’s ability to safely and effectively utilize firearms; and second, to create a culture of respect and responsibility for the use and ownership of firearms.

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