120 Rolls of US GI razor wire, concertina type, is available for purchase at Ace Hardware in Cripple Creek. Thanks to some good luck and persistent searching we have been able to secure a bulk order of military issue concertina wire. $50 per roll. Fantastic price!

$50 $150-66.67%
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There is a lot of cheap, Chinese made, aftermarket concertina wire on the internet.  This is government issue with a NSN (national stock number) that is the "real deal." This grade of wire usually sells for $150 per 50' roll but is unavailable in individual rolls even at that price. The only GI wire we could find available was being sold by the pallet. We have purchased multiple pallets of wire allowing us to sell it for $50 per roll. Cheaper than the aftermarket wire with much better quality.

It is painted sand color so it appears to be rusty in the photos but it is not as it is made out of high quality galvanized metal. Teller Rifles is marketing this wire in partnership with Cripple Creek Ace Hardware. Purchased wire can be picked up at Ace Hardware in Cripple Creek, CO.

$50.00 per roll.

You may buy the concertina wire right here on the TR site or at Ace Hardware locations in Cripple Creed or Florissant.

Kevlar gloves are highly recommended for handling the wire and will be available for purchase soon.