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The Teller Rifles Website,, Privacy Policy

Teller Rifles and will NEVER sell or share ANY of your information.  We are a non-profit organization only, dedicated to promoting firearm safety and marksmanship.  
Teller Rifles and will NEVER be able to view a user's full credit / debit card number.  
Teller Rifles and will NEVER ask for your credit card number in an email, text or phone call.  If you pay for TR swag using a credit / debit card via the website, you will be asked to enter your card number.  However, TR will NEVER be able to see the full number, only the last four digits.  The last four digits are saved for the user's protection and verification purposes ONLY.

The Privacy Policy of our website host (Site 123) is as follows:

For external users, (users of, when using Credit Card gateways, the Gateway provider (NOT Teller Rifles and may log the user name, email, phone number, credit card number, etc.  Examples of Gateway providers are Stripe, Square, etc.

Log data
When [a user] visits a Site 123 website, Site 123 servers may automatically log the standard data provided by the user's web browser. This data is considered “non-identifying information”, as it does not personally identify the user on its own. It may include the user's computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, the user's browser type and version, the pages the user visits, the time and date of a user's visit, the time spent on each page, and other details.

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