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The Board:
The board’s role shall include establishing mission and direction, ensuring the necessary resources of funds and leadership to implement the mission, and providing fiduciary oversight.

The board, officers, and key staff are responsible for defining and upholding the organization’s mission, vision, and values, and for providing overall strategic direction to the organization.

The board will manage its officer’s staff and volunteers to ensure that the organization operates in furtherance of our mission and status as a charitable and tax-exempt organization.

The board will operationalize this responsibility through the creation of policy that provides foundational guidance related to our mission and values, and follows applicable laws and regulations of the Federal Government the State of Colorado and the local jurisdictions in which we are based. Consequently, the board shall establish and follow policies and practices to protect against a waste of charitable assets, justify the reasonableness of compensation paid to members, directors, or officers, honor donor intent, and prevent improper personal benefit by insiders.

The board shall be responsible for raising funds to meet our mission goals, review and approve new or revised fiscal and governance policies including a conflict of interest policy, whistleblower policy, document retention and destruction policy, personal giving and gift acceptance policies, and an executive compensation policy.

The board shall ensure that proper accounting systems and internal controls are in place to detect and prevent fraud and embezzlement, including, as appropriate, background checks for employees and volunteers and insurance coverage.
The board and key staff shall develop a matrix to clearly delineate the spending and decision- making authority of staff throughout the organization and the types and amounts of decisions that require board approval. This information should be shared with the board, staff, and the nonprofit’s banking entities.

The board shall have an executive committee comprised of four officers who will have the authority to seek funding, communicate to media, governmental entities, other not-for profits or other interested individuals or groups. These positions are President of the Board, Secretary, Treasurer, and Training/Programs Coordinator.

The board shall have the authority to establish committees with respective goals and objectives and assign each committee a Chairperson. In addition the board will have an additional number of members up to 16 who will assist the executive committee in order to meet the legal, financial, and mission of our organization.

Executive Committee:
The President shall act to convene all organizational meetings, facilitate discussion, clarify and communicate decisions, oversee reporting functions, act as a facilitator for discussions and ensure with other officers the overall adherence to mission values and achievement of goals and objectives.

The Secretary shall record all executive committee meetings as well as the meetings of the overall board. They will disseminate to the board and the membership a summary of these meetings. They will act as the archivist for all non-fiscal written communications between government, media, or other individuals and groups.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the accounting process and expenditures of all funds. Because there is a fee associated with membership the treasurer shall be the point of contact for membership application and along with the chair of the membership committee ensures that all policies related to membership are followed. They will work with the executive director to submit all required financial reports to the appropriate governmental organizations.

Training/Programs Coordinator:
The Training/Programs Coordinator will establish working committees to create and implement the mission of our organization. The Coordinator will work with other board members to identify resources that will enable us to create and deliver the highest quality training and education programs designed to establish both skills and values related to the
ownership and use of firearms.

Youth Shooting
Bleed Out
Sharp Shooters
Open Carry
Range Safety
Self Defense

Board Members:
Jeff Gillis
Mark Green
Tom Litherland
Mark Fox
Dean Winn
Charles Solomone
Cassandra Bachrach
Chris Bilardi
Lonnie Mathis

President: Charles Solomone
Membership: Tom Litherland
Training Coordinator: Jeff Gillis
Treasurer: Mark Fox
Secretary: Krissy Riley
Information Technology Manager: Chris Bilardi

Annie Durham
Mike Elliott
Mark Fox
Jeff Gillis
Reed Grainger
Mark Green
Chris Hazlett
Beva Laylery
Gary Ledford
Michael Lindsey
Tom Litherland
Sharon Monroe
Zeb Pennock
Charles Solomone
John Winchester
Doug Walker
Dean Winn

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