TR Weekly      A weekly update of all things Teller Rifles      May 24, 2023             We Keep growing! The Teller Rifles website went live fifteen months agoand we continue to attract new members.      Then, 238 people got our emails. Today? 509!      So, we may include some of our more popular posts of the past for the benefit of newer members.                     Upcoming TR Events and Classes             TR is either heading up these events or is involved: Friday Night Target Practice at Victor Elks – 26 May Saturday Shooting at Victor Elks – 27 MayRifles Movie – 27 MayConstitutional Defense Class – 30 MayTCSO Open House – 03 JuneWomen’s Self-Defense Workshop – 03 JuneOff-Grid Cooking Without Power – 25 JuneTR Board Meeting – 26 JuneCCW Class – 08 JulyNational Night Out – 01 AugustBullseye Shooting Competition – 05 AugustHome Meat Processing – TBABackyard Animal Husbandry - TBAGun/Militaria Show and Auction - TBA        Watch for future announcements or reply to this email with questions.  Rifles Movie for May – The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance This month’s movie will be the 1962 classic with John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and Vera Miles.You’ll have to stay until the very end to hear one of the most ironic lines from a movie, ever. The movie will show at Cripple Creek Parks and Rec. on Bennet Ave.Doors open at 130pm and movie starts at 200pm.  What Will Handguns Look Like in 100 Years? I have written in the thriller and ‘cruel tales’ genre but speculative fiction isn’t something I approach. The editor asked for a look into the future. The result is speculative but not fiction, a report based on fact and experience. The assignment took more research notebooks and drafts than I first imagined. A delve into the past came first, then a look at how guns have changed in 100 years, and finally a look at trends.This helped me to speculate on firearms of the future. Read More  Friday Night Shooting and Tacos at Elks You not only get to shoot Friday night at the Victor Elks but you can now get Tacos. Please join the Victor Elks at their lodge for Tacos, Beer, and great conversation on Friday. We will start at 500pm and go until the tacos run out. You get 3 tacos and a Corona for $10. Eat dinner and go shooting? It doesn’t get better!  The T R Marketplace is Growing! Got guns, ammo, and other gear you want to sell? Email a description, photos, and price, and we’ll list. Members only, goods only, and all dealings are directly between the buyer and the seller! There is no fee. If you sell it through TR, make a donation!  Potato Giveaway and Plant Sale Colorado State University Extension is at it again. 

  1. Their Great Potato Giveaway, with four certified seed potato varieties from their San Luis Valley Research Station, is June 1st and 2nd from 8:00-5:00 both days or until they’re gone. They have three new varieties this year, so give them a try.
  2. The Teller County Master Gardeners will be selling vegetables, herbs, and flowers the first three weeks of the farmers market (June 2, 9, 16) in Woodland Park from 8:00 – noon.

 Reply to This Email for More Information  What Is The AR-15 Forward Assist? Why Do I Need It? The AR-15 forward assist, a mechanical feature found on most AR-15 pattern rifles, is something that newbies might not totally understand.You’ll find the forward assist assembly on the right-hand side of your rifle (for most guns) directly below the charging handle. Read More TR Board Meetings Have you ever wondered how-in-the-hell some jury or other group arrived at some hair-brained decision or nutcase policy? Well wonder no longer! You can view our April TRBoard Meeting here and the passcode is: gT@m*C1B . The next Board meeting is scheduled for 26 June and will be Zoomed. TR members are welcomed to attend.Just let us know, by return email, that you’re coming so we don’t overload the venue. Volunteers Needed! We have committed to have a presence at a number of upcoming events and need volunteers.At these events we enlist new members, sell swag, Root-Beer Floats, and generally have a good time. Let us know if you are interested in helping.  Rifle Radio  Lonnie M. has stood up and taken on the creation of Rifle Radio. He ready to go. As they say in the radio business, “Standby!”.  

Who Says, Girls Can’t Shoot.8???!!!

  Constitutional Defense Class  Come join us as Robert Zuluaga presents Rick Green of Patriots Academy Constitutional Defense Course in conjunction with Teller Rifles through an engaging study of the US Constitution; what our nation's Founders have to say about the laws of nature and your right to bear arms. Come learn why an understanding of the Constitution is fundamental to all Americans as Ronald Reagan said "Freedom is a fragile thing and it's never more than one generation away from extinction."  Be part of the solution and find out how to be educated, engaged, and involved in preserving our Freedom.  Understand your Constitutional rights so you can protect them against legislation and regulations that are taking these rights from "We the People." This class will combine an in depth look at the history and purpose of the 2nd Amendment as well as the entire Constitution of the United States in an environment of lively discussion of current events. Our next class is May 30th - Lesson 8 Constitutional Defense - and will be held at Little Chapel located at 69 County Road 5,Divide, Colorado 80814, just north of the intersection of Highways 24 & 67. The parking can be a bit confusing, since the lot directly in front of the church is handicap accessible parking.However, if you drive just past the church, there is a dirt driveway that goes up the hill behind the church and substantial parking available there. Additionally, you may park in the lot behind Venture Food, which is just across County Road 5. Class is by donation. Be sure to bring something to share during the break.   TR Pistol Team We’re forming our first competitive marksmanship team. .22LR, any action and Chuck K. is heading it up! If you are interested, reply to this email. Saturday Shooting at Elks is Taking Off! Our first Saturday shooting session had four Rifles turn out. Our second had eight! Our third, nine!!Come for the Elks pancake breakfast and stay and shoot afterward. Our next Saturday shoot is 27 May. Breakfast starts at 700am. The range goes live at 1000am. It doesn’t get much better!    Family Guns   (If you have photos of guns in your family, send them along with some narrative, to We’ll be happy to share your Family Guns stories!)     Read More                    Marketplace – Razor Wire – 50’ Rolls       120 rolls arrived and 44 have been sold. $50 per roll. You may be asking ‘Why do I Need Razor Wire???!!! This video may help answer that question. If a collapse comes it may be next to impossible to get it when you really will need it. Reserve yours by replying to this email.            Razor Wire                    OPINION GUNNIES (Contributed by Jeff G.)  We've been asked, "What are Gunnies?" Gunnies are funnies that involve guns. Get it?! Some of you have no sense of humor.       If you have any cartoons or memes you think are worthy, send them along.       Keep it clean as befitting a family-oriented organization,  as well as non-political to keep things friendly.             See More              Email us at

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