Ready for a friendly shooting competition?  Stop in the Victor Elks Lodge Shooting range (enter through the south entrance) for a great time of target practice and a friendly competition among guests.  The number to beat is  “93” scored by Brad T. in February 2022. 

Note:  The range can accommodate handguns and rifles in .22LR caliber, only. 

Kids have priority beginning at 6:00 pm!

Victor Elks Shooting Range Address: 367 N. 3rd, Victor, CO 80860

Please bring the following items with you to target practice:

1. Noise reducing ear protection

2. Safety glasses / goggles

3. A working firearm

4. Ammunition for your firearm

5. Though free, a monetary donation for the Elks for the generous use of their shooting range is greatly appreciated.

Update on March 18, 2022 Target Practice at Victor Elks Lodge:

Beware! The Twelves of March are upon us!
In our last after-action report about Friday night shooting at the Elks and the CCW class we commented on the repeated occurrence of the number twelve. We had twelve shooters on Friday night, the CCW class the next morning was on the twelfth of March and was attended by twelve who were all rewarded with twelve class completion certificates. Finally, the Friday night shooters ate exactly twelve Gold Camp Bakery cookies.

Some of you, clearly, were not impressed with our analysis and questioned finding a pattern of significance out of common, everyday happenstance and coincidence. Your comments questioning our competence and mental acuity were not appreciated.

Others of you took a more intellectual and enlightened view and commented accordingly. For instance, Loren G. stated, "And don't forget the 12 disciples of Jesus. Surely it's a number of some significance. Makes one ponder why 12 was chosen to be the number of items in a dozen or why there are 12 months in the year."

Not to be outdone, Rich I. intelligently inquired, "Great! More 12s? I suppose the Concealed Carry class was held on the 12th, got their certificates at high noon, and watched the Dirty Dozen as part of their training." Greater minds could see something of Twilight Zone proportion was taking place.

But, alas, with the passing of a few days an ennui set in and all of the drama and emotional charge over the occurrence of the number twelve as it applied to shooting at the Elks dissipated and was soon forgotten.

And then, it happened again! Last night, at the Elks, there were twelve of us and we ate twelve Gold Camp Bakery cookies!

Are we accursed? Or benighted?
Come to Elks this Friday night and find out.

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