TR Weekly      A weekly update of all things Teller Rifles      July 05, 2023             We Keep growing! The Teller Rifles website went live seventeen months ago and we continue to attract new members.      Then, 238 people got our emails. Today? 554!      So, we may include some of our more popular posts of the past for the benefit of newer members.                     Do You Know Someone Who’d Be a Good Rifle? Forward this to them and tell them to email us at and ask to be added to our email list. This’ll make them a member. Tell them not to worry…it doesn’t cost anything to become a Rifle! Upcoming TR Events and Classes             TR is either heading up these events or is involved: Friday Night Target Practice at Victor Elks – 07 July CCW Class – 08 July Victor Gold Rush Days – 14/15/16 July Women’s Self-Defense Class – 22 July Saturday Shooting at Victor Elks – 22 July National Night Out – 01 August Donkey Derby Days – 13/14/15 August Annual TR Shoot-Fest – 20/21 October Home Meat Processing – TBA Backyard Animal Husbandry - TBA Bullseye Shooting Competition – TBA       Watch for future announcements or reply to this email with questions.  TR After-Action Reports – June 2023 We had a busy June! TR was involved in all of the following: TCSO Open House – 03 June This was the fourth time TR showed support for Teller Sheriff’s by taking part in its annual open house at headquarters in Divide. While the weather was poor, the crowds were great. Mark G, Tom L., Mark F. and Charles S. staffed the TR Booth. Women’s Self-Defense Class – 03 June Conducted by Ken Valles, a total of 27 ladies turned out for this beginner’s class on self-defense in Woodland Park. Ken has promised follow-on intermediate and advanced training. Stay tuned! Constitutional Defense Class – 06 June Hosted by Robert Zuluaga, the Constitutional Defense classes ran a total of twelve weeks and took place in Woodland Park and Divide. Though the focus was on 2A issues and aspects of constitutional law, a general historical overview of the Founding was also presented. While the final class took place on 06 June, a one-day course is in the planning stages. Introduction to Handguns Class – 24 June This beginner’s course of handgun familiarization was put on by Bob Tyler and took place at the Victor Elks indoor range. Nine attendees learned basic safety and shooting techniques at TR’s second event of this type. Off-Grid Cooking Class – 25 June Seventeen Rifles attended this class, presented by Cass Bachrach, and learned how to lay fires and cook food under survival conditions. An added bonus was a tasty taco and mushroom lunch made over these same fires!    Victor Gold Rush Days – Chili Cook Off In conjunction with Gold Rush Days, the Victor Elks will be sponsoring a Chili Cook Off. It costs nothing to enter and there will be cash prizes.  The contest starts at 5 pm on Friday, July 14, 2023.Simply show up with your heated chili in a crockpot at 4:30 pm at the Victor Elks Lodge to enter. Victor Gold Rush Days – Parade We will be participating in the Gold Rush Days Parade on Sunday, 16 July, at 12:00 noon. We need volunteers to parade with us. Reply to this email us if you wish to participate.  Rifle News Gun sales over 1 million 47 months straight
Biden loses ‘ghost gun’ case, ATF ban ‘unlawful’   Teller Rifles has joined Amazon Rewards Teller Rifles is partnering with Amazon. Visit our website and look for recommendations on items you can purchase on Amazon. When you find an item that you want to purchase click on the link that is with the recommendation, and you will be taken to Amazon. When you purchase using our link, Teller Rifles receives a commission with no additional cost to you. Alternatively, if you plan to purchase an item from Amazon that is not listed in our recommendations, send us the link to the item. We will add that item to our recommendations with a link that will assure that Teller Rifles receives the commission.  For the Gun-Nuts Among Us. Why Shoot Pistol Drills? Holsters: Almost As Important As The Handgun   The Ready Rifle 30 Foods That Can Last Up To 30 Years  4-H Shooting Sports can Improve your Child’s Mental Health!

Regular training can reduce stress, improve focus, and boost self-confidence.

Having a supportive community reduces feelings of isolation, boosts motivation, and promotes accountability.

Guidance from a Shooting Sports Instructor promotes feelings of self-efficacy, provides personalized support and improves physical performance.

All of these benefits positively impact mental health by helping people experience a greater sense of accomplishment, balance, and well-being. 4-H Shooting Sports is open to ages from 8 to 18.  You can register on line by going onto Teller County 4-H.  We meet for air rifle at 5:00pm Monday at the pikes Peak Community Center in Divide.  For .22 rifle we meet at Victor Elks Club on Wednesday and Friday at 6:00pm.  Stop by and we will introduce you to our program. The Rifles Kitchen ULTIMATE CROCK POT COWBOY BEANS More Recipes  The T R Marketplace is Growing! Got guns, ammo, and other gear you want to sell? Email a description, photos, and price, and we’ll list. Members only, goods only, and all dealings are directly between the buyer and the seller! There is no fee. If you sell it through TR, make a donation! The latest listings include .300 Win Mag brass and bulk .224 bullets. See More  Volunteers Needed! We have committed to have a presence at a number of upcoming events and need volunteers. At these events we enlist new members, sell swag, and generally have a good time. Let us know if you are interested in helping.  Come Shooting Saturday Shooting at Victor Elks! Our first Saturday shooting session had four Rifles turn out. Our second had eight! Our third, nine!!Come for the Elks pancake breakfast and stay and shoot afterward. Our next Saturday shoot is 22 July. Breakfast starts at 700am. The range goes live at 1000am. Remember! Shooting is a perishable skill!! Stay practiced!!!   Family Guns Duck Camp - 2008 - Monte Vista CO This was the Cripple Creek - Victor contingent of our duck camp outside of Monte Vista. If you look closely, and use your imagination, you can spot at least three future members of Teller Rifles. Why are some of us holding newspapers? They're copies of the old Gold Camp Journal that had a feature where readers could take photos of themselves and the paper during vacations or travels away from home. Sort of a 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?' meme. This was our desperate attempt for attention.  (If you have photos of guns in your family, send them along with some narrative, to .We’ll be happy to share your Family Guns stories!)     Read More                     Marketplace – Razor Wire – 50’ Rolls       120 rolls arrived and 44 have been sold. $50 per roll. You may be asking ‘Why do I Need Razor Wire???!!! This video may help answer that question. If a collapse comes it may be next to impossible to get it when you really will need it. Reserve yours by replying to this email.            Razor Wire                     GUNNIES(Submitted by Bob T.) We've been asked, "What are Gunnies?" Gunnies are funnies that involve guns. Get it?! Some of you have no sense of humor.       If you have any cartoons or memes you think are worthy, send them along.       Keep it clean as befitting a family-oriented organization,  as well as non-political to keep things friendly.             See More              Email us at 

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