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Teller Rifles will host a Board Meeting on Monday, May 23, 2022 at Legion Hall (400 Carr Street) in Cripple Creek, CO. Start time: 5:30 pm sharp.

  • Date: 6/27/2022 05:30 PM
  • Location 400 Carr St, Cripple Creek, CO, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Legion Hall - American Legion Post 171 in Cripple Creek, CO


TR will host a Board Meeting on Monday, June 27, 2022 at 5:30 pm in Cripple Creek at the American Legion Hall located at 400 Carr Street.  The minutes from the previous months' meetings are posted below.

For questions, please email Charles S., Teller Rifles President, at

For non-board members who wish to attend Board Meetings, please email Charles S. at

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Teller Rifles Board Meeting Agenda for June 27, 2022

    • Self-defense Workshops

    • Shooting Workshops
  • Website – Bachrach

    • Canning Class
    • Survival Cooking – Bachrach
    • Mother Rucker - Winn
    • Top-of-the-World Rodeo
    • TCSO Open House
    • CCW Class
    • GCA Events
    • Gold Camp 4th
    • National Night Out
    • Donkey Derby Day
  • Future Meet & Greet
  • Teller Guard - Litherland
    Auction/Gun Show – Solomone

Teller Rifles Board Meeting Minutes - May 23, 2022

Teller Rifles Board Meeting Minutes - 5.23.22

Fox - Finance:  (numbers not written when spoken. Mark has the info.)

Gillis - Training: 

1) He is pleased with the TR classes that are on the horizon.  2) Randy Ford has tentatively agreed to conduct another CPR course for the CC/Victor area. This could happen in July or August, or even later. 3) Bob Tyler is recuperating from a recent illness.  We hope he is up and at 'em soon.  When he returns, we will ask him to lead another Conceal Carry course with Randy Ford, hopefully this year.  4) Mentioned a possible Land Navigation Class. (Cassandra says, "Yay!").  5) Mentioned a possible Firearm Preparedness Class.  Comments were all favorable for these class topics.  6) There will be a Mother Rucker competition this year sponsored by the Morale Welfare Recreation division of the military. The events ends with a Patriot Picnic.  Jeff is thinking of tying TR to that event. 

Bachrach - Website:

1) Asked each attendee to get out their cell phones and open a browser. Then go to  Everyone looked at the mini mobile version of our site on their phones.  One comment was that the pages do not appear distinct and can we make pages individually and not one long giant page.  Charles asked board members to share our website with friends and family.  

Lindsey: Not present 

Solomone - Events: 1) The Canning Class is sold out.  Cass offered her ticket to someone in the class but that person has not gotten back to Cass yet. TR was left out of the class sponsor list and was not acknowledged on the class flyer. 2) Survival Cooking Class is going well.  Demonstration of a teepee fire lay and a log cabin fire lay. Charles and Tom stated they will be the first ones to sign up. 3) Mother Rucker competition June 11/12.  We need volunteers for this to sell root beer floats at a location near the District Museum (? ... my notes are not clear).  4) Gold Rush Days in mid July.  We will sell root beer floats.  5) We will also sell root beer floats at the National Night Outs.  There will be a National Night Out in CC and in WP.  6) Top of the World Rodeo in mid Aug. TR can get involved? 7) Gold Camp 4th of July - we will sell root beer floats. Krissy, Jeff and Todd will man the booth or maybe they manned the booth last year. 8) Donkey Derby Day in mid Aug. We will sell water, lemonade and iced tea at Pocket Park.  8) Future meet-n-greets could be promising based on the last one that coincided with the (cancelled) Donkey Release Day.  Over 30 people attended the TR party held at the Victor Elks' lodge. 10 of them had no connection to any of us or a TR member.  Charles very pleased with this.

LItherland - Teller Guard:  The CC police chief has not been able or willing to focus on this very needed group of volunteers. Tom believes the groups involved have worked well together--forest service, for example. There has been poor communication. The CCFD needs staff and the CCPD has not had a decent application for 2 yrs. All the more reason to form a Teller Guard so residents can feel protected and safe in spite of staff shortages.

Solomone - Gun Show.  No one has stepped up to volunteer to run this event.  We will most likely postpone until autumn or next year.

Meeting adjourned.

(Note:  Some parts of the board meeting above were not notated.  Thus, a portion of the minutes are missing.)

Teller Rifles Board Meeting Agenda - May 23, 2022

Teller Rifles Board Meeting

Monday, 23 May.

Finance – Fox

Training – Gillis

  • Self-defense Workshops
  • Shooting Workshops

Website – Bachrach

GCA – Lindsey

Events - Solomone

Canning Class

Survival Cooking – Bachrach

Mother Rucker - Winn

Top-of-the-World Rodeo

  • GCA Events
  • Gold Camp 4th
  • National Night Out
  • Donkey Derby Day

Teller Guard - Litherland

Auction/Gun Show – Solomone

Minutes for April 2022 Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 5:30pm

In attendance: Mark F, Charles S, Cassie B, Tom L, Jeff G, and Krissy R.




Total $2565.16

$55.00 from City of Cripple Creek for CCW class

$5.00   from City of Cripple Creek for CCW class

Taxes have been filed-nothing due until we make $50,001


  • Self defense on hold for now

  • Long range shooting class will not happen-the instructor is willing to help provide material, but does not want to present a class

  • Survival Cooking-tentatively set for June 1 by Cassandra B


  • Looking for photos of Teller Rifles members

  • Logo contest still going

  • Looking for programs to host

  • Marketplace pictures are up and working on prices

  • Trading post is a place where you can sell anything

GCA-nothing to report


  • Canning Class with Park and Rec will be at Aspen Mine tentatively

  • Mother Rucker-nothing new

  • Survival Cooking-Cass put together a powerpoint-will be an awesome class

  • Top of the World rodeo-do we want to put a booth there?

    • GCA Events

    • Gold Camp 4th

    • National Night Out

Teller Guard-Litherland

  • Small problem-miscommunication

    • Concerns over what will be used, etc

    • Met with Chief and worked things out

  • Now on our way to recruitment-hopefully up and running by June

Auction/Gun Show-Solomone

  • Still trying to find someone to head up

  • Hopefully have more to report for next meeting

BASIC-Lindsey-will report next meeting

Next Meeting: 23 May 2022

Meeting adjourned at 6:28pm

Teller Rifles Board Meeting - March 2022

28 March 2022

Meeting called to order:  5:30pm

In attendance: Mike L, Tom L, Charles S, Jeff G, Jason M, Ken L, Dean, Todd R, Krissy R

Finances-Solomone (Mark was unable to attend the March meeting.)

Business accounts balance: $2500.00 approximately

$60 coming from CCW class

$147 credit from Clover coming


CCW class was a success-would like to have him do more classes

Would like to work with Jason and Ken about other class offerings such as animal butchering, common high country injuries, situational awareness, planning, land navigation / orientation and poisonous plant information, and more.

Mother Rucker-Dean

The mine has not yet hired a general manager.  This hinders our planning.

Our intention is to build relationships with all groups in the next year (2022 - 2023).

Push back to September 2023.

Maybe hold the event in conjunction with another event: The Wall Memorial, WW2 Memorial, Korean War. Possibly offer a raffle, a parade with heels and hooves for hope.


CPR-12 slots filled immediately   Looking to set up more classes.

Night Out:  TR will have a presence at both CC and WP.   Need volunteers.

4H Youth Shooting Class.  TR is helping promote this event on the TR website.

Gun Show  & Auction is "up in the air."  Can’t find anyone to take the reigns. Hopefully find someone this summer.

Gold Camp July 4th:  This year, one day only on the 4th. Root beer floats, swag sales, info on TR.

Donkey Derby Days:  Also one day only.  Root Beer floats, swag sales, info on TR.

Gold Rush Days:  Rootbeer floats, swag sales, info on TR. (Date?)

Ute Trail Muzzleloaders:  Planning rendevouz events with TR. 

Friday night Elks shooting:  Consistantly getting 12 or more people including children.

Gold Camp Association-Lindsay

22 organizations involved with Gold Camp Association.

Meeting tomorrow to launch media campaign.

Where is Deckers?

Teller Watch/Guard-Litherland

Chief has not gotten back to us regarding our Teller Watch questions due to the shortage of officers in CC.

Will more people get involved if we keep it a neighborhood watch?  Then no training is necessary for volunteers.


BASIC stands for Building Accountable, Safe and Inclusive Communities.

Trying to get community involved in their own community issues.

Have to be careful how we reach out to people/build the community.

Bring concerns, safety issues, cleanliness issues, societal issues.


Website looks great. Open to suggestions.

Look at expanding/developing a campaign for outdoor education.

Partnering with REI, Sportsmans warehouse, etc.


All meetings will be held at the Legion Hall through December 2022.

320 people are currently on the email list.

We are a charter member of the Gold Camp Association.

Meeting called to a close at 6:28pm

Next meeting: 18 April 2022