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There are a lot of unknowns about tonight! Will there be twelve of us? Will Ruthie G. finally show up and make good on her double-dog dare to beat Charles S. in a Teller Rifles Challenge shooting showdown? Will there be Gold Camp Bakery cookies? Come Elks tonight and find the answers to these pressing questions and more! Where: The Elks Lodge at the corner of 3rd and Diamond in Victor. When: Range goes live at 6:00pm (or 1800 for you former-jarheads). What: .22LR handgun or rifle. Who: A number of us get together almost every Friday night at the 50' indoor shooting range downstairs at the Elks lodge in Victor. While the gathering is informal with few, but adequate, range rules, we pride ourselves in that we’ve not had a single Baldwin! The entrance (white door) is on the southside parking lot level. (Mind your head going in!) You don't have to be a member. (Though it's free, most of us leave a donation for the Elks building fund to help maintain the range.) The Teller Rifles Challenge still stands. Fame, Glory, and Prizes await if you can score better than the '93' Brad T. shot a few months back! Remember, shooting skills are perishable!For inquiries, please email

  • Date: 3/3/2023 06:00 PM
  • Location 367 N 3rd, Victor, CO 80860, USA (Map)


Ready for a friendly shooting competition? Stop in the Victor Elks Lodge Shooting range (enter through the south entrance) for a great time of target practice and a friendly competition among guests. The number to beat is “93” scored by Brad T. a few weeks ago. The range can accommodate handguns and rifles in .22LR caliber, only.

Kids have priority! All are welcome to the Victor Elks Lodge Shooting Range for target practice starting at 6:00 pm every Friday night.Address: 367 N. 3rd, Victor, CO 80860

Please bring the following items with you to target practice:

1. Noise reducing ear protection

2. Safety glasses / goggles

3. A working firearm

4. Ammunition for your firearm

5. Though free, a monetary donation for the Elks for the generous use of their shooting range is greatly appreciated.

For inquiries, please email