FOR SALE BY OWNER This is a two-volume set. Volume 1 covers a myriad of topics including company history, cartridge theory of operation and step-by-step handloading instructions, load data for 206 rifle and handgun cartridges and much more. Volume 2 contains a detailed explanation of ballistic tables, a catalogue of Hornady bullets, ballistic, wind drift, and conversion tables, and an illustrated glossary. Price: $35.00 donation to Teller Rifles FOR SALE BY OWNER. All products listed in the "Gear & More" section are FOR SALE BY OWNER and will be handled by the seller and the buyer ONLY. TR assumes no responsibility for items listed as FOR SALE BY OWNER. For all inquiries about such items, please contact the seller. To list a Gear & More item FOR SALE BY OWNER, please email a written description of your item, a clear website-compatible photo and the asking price. Email A member of the TR Admin team will contact you about listing your item on the TR site. Please allow up to 2 business days for TR to contact you. Thank you!

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