FOR SALE DIRECTLY FROM A TELLER COUNTY MANUFACTURER: Choose from 15 different styles of cast bullets and one round ball, all manufactured with commercial casting equipment right here in Teller County. PRICES VARY. These are hard cast lead bullets comprised of 92% lead, 6% tin and 2% antimony. The creator, Bob B., located in Teller County, has been manufacturing commercial cast bullets since the early 2000s. All are hard cast except the round ball which is made of pure lead. Please refer to the price list attached to this post. To purchase any of the cast bullets, please contact the manufacturer directly at BLACK MOUNTAIN CAST BULLETS, Woodland Park, CO, 719-687-3135.

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Please refer to the price list included with this post. To contact Bob B., the owner of Black Mountain Cast Bullets, call 719-687-3135.

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