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VIDEO: Top Prepping Items People Are NOT Thinking About

Video by Good Patriot - www.goodpatriot.com

Snag these lesser discussed but critical items for your survival arsenal. Video by The Good Patriot.

1. Ketchup bottle

2. Electrolytes

3. Clothing detergent to wash clothes by hand

4. Waste / trash system

5. Pest control

6. Music (solar powered / battery powered)

7. Disguise, just in case

8. Blackout window fabric

9. Seeds - organic

10. Gardening supplies

11. Compost material

12. Pet supplies

Click here to watch (scroll down to find video): https://www.goodpatriot.com/so/a7O2zd778?languageTag=en&cid=aae2bb67-7424-4219-b0f7-bd33eff7e0ce#/main

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