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The Ultimate Guide To Raising Rabbits For Meat

Article provided by Morning Chores - www.morningchores.com

If you are looking to raise a reliable meat source, then look no further than rabbits. They may seem small, but because they reproduce so quickly one rabbit can give anywhere from 125-250 pounds of meat per year (depending on how frequently the doe is bred and how many kits per litter.)There is much to learn about raising rabbits for meat, but they are a perfect fit for any size homestead.

What You’ll Learn in this Guide:

  1. Choosing Meat Rabbit Breeds
  2. Building the Shelter
  3. Feeding Your Rabbits
  4. Rabbit Waterers
  5. What You Shouldn’t Do
  6. Basic Health Needs
  7. Proper Bedding for Rabbits
  8. Mating Process
  9. Signs of Birth
  10. Behavior After Giving Birth

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