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5 Safe Places to Stay Safe During Martial Law

Article provided by Modern Survival Online - modernsurvival.com 

The term martial law is just as likely to elicit a sneer of disgust as it is a shiver of apprehension. All people who love freedom know that the implementation of martial law is a significant step towards the erosion and infringement of the rights of the free.

As we approach another historically momentous intersection and the annals of our nation, one that is so divisive, conflicted and full of strife, it is no wonder that many people think it is only a matter of when, not if before martial law is implemented.

Remind yourself that hope is not a strategy: You must have a place in mind that you can retreat to, either to get out from under the oversight of martial law entirely, or simply reduce your profile enough that you will be just one more face in the crowd.

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