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Half a Century Ago - FSB Armageddon

By Charles S., Cripple Creek, Colorado

Half a Century Ago - FSB Armageddon    Hard to believe it was over 50 years ago that this young soldier, and future Teller Rifle, was part of the 4th Infantry Division in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. He was in the 1st Platoon of Charlie Company, 3/8th Infantry, and they had just been pulled out of the field to provide perimeter defense for the fire base at LZ Armageddon. Though the conditions were primitive, this was considered 'cush' duty compared to humping the boonies. He's cradling a CAR-15, the forerunner of the M-4 Carbine. It had a telescoping stock, about an 11" barrel, and a noise suppressor that didn't. Probably one of the reasons he's deaf as a doorknob. Those Were the Days.

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